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Our customer is a leading US-based company specializing in IoT and Energy Management. They approached us with a visionary project with a focus on reducing wasted energy and optimizing overall energy demand. The customer sought to create an integrated system comprising three core products. These products seamlessly integrate with various third-party smart home devices, providing a comprehensive solution for efficient energy management.

Client's Challenge

The customer’s primary challenge was to build a reliable back-end infrastructure that involved sophisticated firmware integration. Four Ages Software built a dedicated team of senior engineers from Eastern Europe. Over a year the team was working on the development and implementation of the backend architecture, firmware and a cross-platform mobile and web applications.

Scope of Work:

  • Backend Architecture
    Leveraging Node.js and Python, our team meticulously crafted a robust backend architecture that forms the backbone of the customer’s energy management system. This architecture ensures seamless communication and data flow between various components.
  • Firmware Development
    Using C++, our engineers developed firmware for the systems’ hardware components. This critical aspect ensures the efficient functioning of the energy monitoring devices, contributing to accurate data collection and analysis.
  • Cross-Platform Mobile and Web App
    The customer’s user-friendly mobile and web applications were built using Flutter, a versatile mobile framework. This approach allowed us to create a unified experience across multiple platforms, ensuring accessibility for a broader user base.


The customer’s IoT and Energy Management system now stands as a testament to innovation and efficiency. By seamlessly integrating with various smart home devices, the system identifies and manages wasted energy, significantly reducing overall energy demand. The intelligent demand-shifting capability, operational during lower-priced times of the day, promotes both energy conservation and substantial cost savings.










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